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  • Umbra Schnook 5 Hooks
    Umbra Schnook 5 Hooks

    Why Buy?  These over the door hooks allow for no drilling.

    R 440.00
  • Umbra Schnook 3 Hooks Over The Door
    Umbra Schnook 3 Hooks Over The Door

    Why Buy?  Simply hang over the door and hang any items which you desire.

    R 298.00
  • Enamel Canister
    Enamel Canister

    Why Buy? This farm style enamel canister can store anything.

    R 190.00
  • Mindfulness Mugs
    Mindfulness Mugs

    Why Buy? Pick up a paintbrush and become mindful through the simple act...

    R 170.00
  • Drawer Organiser
    Drawer Organiser

    Why Buy? Organise socks, belts, ties & lingerie.  Fully adjustable...

    R 40.00
  • Step Stools
    Step Stools

    Why Buy? Can't reach the top of those high cupboards.  This step stool...

    R 1,295.00
  • Cosmetic Organisser
    Cosmetic Organisser

    Why Buy? Simplify your cosmetics with this heart acrylic holder.

    R 38.00
  • Flawless Cosmetic Bag
    Flawless Cosmetic Bag

    Why Buy?  Costmetic bag to put all  your cosmetics in to look flawless.

    R 95.00

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