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  • Bamboo Pegs
    Bamboo Pegs

    Pack of 20 bamboo pegs for sustainable living. 

    R 30.00
  • 13L Galvanised Bucket
    13L Galvanised Bucket

    Old school galvanised bucket with a wooden handle. Perfect for flowers,...

    R 350.00
  • 40cm Wooden Spoon
    40cm Wooden Spoon

    Classic wooden spoon 40cm in length. 

    R 190.00
  • Ice Cream Scoop
    Ice Cream Scoop

    Classic  ice cream scoop with the traditional squeeze release. 

    R 190.00
  • Storm Glass
    Storm Glass

    An invention of the captain of Darwin’s HMS Beagle, this updated...

    R 295.00
  • Keyboard Notebook - Black
    Keyboard Notebook - Black

    This grid paper notebook from Writersblok is perfect for everything from...

    R 220.00
  • Emergency Sewing Kit
    Emergency Sewing Kit

    Great for quick fixes and clothing corrections, this emergency sewing...

    R 175.00
  • Phone Mirror
    Phone Mirror

    Attach a mirror to your phone and you're sure to be selfie ready at all...

    R 30.00
  • Retro Kitchen Timer
    Retro Kitchen Timer

    Turn back the hands of time with this retro magnetic kitchen timer....

    R 110.00
  • Monkey Coat Hook - Gold
    Monkey Coat Hook - Gold

    Keep your coat hooks on trend with this delightful monkey hook. This...

    R 170.00
  • Vintage Multi Pen
    Vintage Multi Pen

    Four ink colour choices in one tastefully retro ballpoint pen. Press...

    R 40.00
  • Clip On Study Lamp - White
    Clip On Study Lamp - White

    The perfect solution for today's fluid living. Clip this light onto any...

    R 600.00
  • Lax Table Lamp - Charcoal
    Lax Table Lamp - Charcoal

    This sleek and stylish lamp will add soft light and enhance any modern...

    R 2,250.00
  • Enchant Table Lamp - White
    Enchant Table Lamp - White

    The Enchant table lamp is a modern design lamp suitable for most modern...

    R 700.00
  • Flamingo Coat Hook - Gold
    Flamingo Coat Hook - Gold

    Keep your coat hooks on trend with this delightful gold flamingo hook....

    R 170.00
  • Sprinkles Lunchbox
    Sprinkles Lunchbox

    Make lunch just that little bit more awesome with this colourful...

    R 190.00


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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items